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So it’s been a couple of days since I’ve written (okay, a week). First it was cos we were a little bit busy (SHOCK HORROR) and then it was cos we were so incredible not busy that there was nothing to write about. We’ve had a couple of 24 marathon nights since I last wrote – my whole family, including Mum & Chelsea’s boyfriend Harry, came and stayed on Thursday night (Mum sat in our room reading and playing Rummykub on her iPhone, she had a great time!) – and then we went down to their place on Saturday night. We’re two episodes away from finishing the first season – quite an achievement for only four different sessions. 24 is a TV series that I could watch over and over again and still pick up new things and be mildly shocked when something happens that I’d forgotten. What an amazing example of great television programming πŸ™‚

We also got our air conditioning put in last Friday! We actually had to have it on the heater the day we got it installed because it was so cold (um, hello summer?!?) but since then we’ve had a few warm days where it’s come in handy. Like today – it’s been 31 degrees (really the top end of my comfortable-ness with heat) and it’s kept the lounge room a balmy 25 degrees – beautiful. Also we went with Denese to Spotlight the other day to pick up all the materials we needed for curtains. We even got one up in our bedroom the other day, so no more waking up being positively blinded by the sun. The others are yet to be done, cos we had to get more screws to put in the window frame. Finally, yesterday we went to pick up our new (second hand) entertainment unit and coffee table that we bought off Gumtree. The coffee table we’re not using because it’s too big, but it was part of the deal. The entertainment unit, however, is gorgeous.


It’s huge – it takes up a great deal of the space in our lounge room, but it’s so beautiful that we deal with it. Plus it’s got oodles of storage space, so it makes up for it being big.

Today we took Denese and Peter to the airport for their trip to Tassie, and we haven’t done much else all day! I’ve been reading lots, I just finished My Sister’s Keeper by Jodi Picoult – one of the most intensely emotional books I’ve ever read – and now I’m reading a book called Daniel’s Not Talking by Marti Leimbach, about a boy with autism and his family’s struggle. Interesting so far.

We’ve been trying a new healthy eating thing today (well mine started yesterday), which we are keeping up for exactly a week (and hopefully further on). I’ve been finding it really hard getting back on track with eating healthy and exercising, and it’s mainly because I let myself have things that I shouldn’t. I know that when I’ve been eating healthily for a period of time I don’t want any of that stuff, but because I’m in the habit, I can’t break it, even when I promise myself I’ll only have a little bit of [insert desirable food here]. So for one week I am not allowing myself anything unhealthy. Water and tea (and the occasional coffee, I decided today) is all I can drink, and the main portion of my diet will consist of fruit, vegies and grains. There’s not much we can do about dinner because we’ve already bought BBQ meat and pasta sauces in bulk (it’s cheap!), but I’ve just been having smaller amounts. Day 2 and I’m going strong πŸ™‚

We went for a walk this evening, after dinner and watching a bit more of Lord of the Rings. We were just going to walk the driveway like we usually do, but as we were walking we noticed a patch of bush off the track where the grass and the shrub wasn’t as super thick as everywhere else. We decided to check it out – it’s been so long since we’ve been bush-bashing. It was just nice to see somewhere different. Our property is so big and we hardly get to see any of it anymore because everything has grown so close together and is still relatively small after the fires. We’ve noticed it starting to thin out recently, though, which is very exciting. After a short stint of exploring in the bush, we continued up the driveway and stopped at the old gate so Aaron could rake out some of the loose gravel. I took the opportunity to check out the old stairs that were there for years before the fires and that we worked hard to bring back to life afterwards. When I say stairs, by the way, I mean just indentations into the hill, no man-made materials, just created with a shovel. Anyway, the last time I saw them, the section halfway up the hill was completely bare and would get slippery and muddy every time it rained. Now it’s completely overgrown and I had to be careful in sections so I wouldn’t trip down onto the next step. At the bottom, the blackwoods and wattles have completely taken over. It reminded me of the secret gardens for fairies that I used to read about, it was so dark and mysterious in there. The small birds love it.

After climbing back up the hill I went for a wander down the trench that filters water off the driveway when it rains. It’s one of the only other spots that you can walk without getting attacked by trees, and it extends down maybe 100 metres or so. I stood at the end and looked up at the big trees silhouetted in the sky, their branches bare of any leaves after the fire. With the sunset as a backdrop, it looked beautiful. And it reminded me how important it is to get off the beaten track whenever you can, in all areas of life. Sometimes you’ll see things you never thought you’d see, things that make you think about life differently. It was an eye-opening walk, however simple and “uneventful” it was, and it was extremely beneficial for my mental health.

Aaron has been organising our budget so we have a little bit more in spending money every week for the last stretch of the holidays. We’re thinking we might go down to Williamstown tomorrow or the next day and eat fish and chips on the bay. We haven’t done anything like that in a while so I’m really looking forward to it πŸ™‚

Now, in the spirit of eating healthy, I’m going to go and make myself a smoothie for dessert!


I am feeling more and more compelled to write at the moment so I won’t hold back, I’m on a good roll!

Paul & Andrew came up to our place for a BBQ today. It was nice having them out as they’re great guys with a good sense of humour, so lots of fun to muck around with. We met them at the top of the hill and hauled our stuff, including an eski, three bags of ice and all the food and drink, all the way down the driveway (stupid thing isn’t finished yet so we can’t drive down). Got very boggy as it was raining this morning so we ended up about three inches taller by the end of the walk because the soil had stuck nice and tightly to our shoes. We had a little look around, got the fire going, and had a really nice BBQ lunch.

As we were finishing our second and third sausages, Aaron said, “Shall we just go for a wander up the back hill?” We were all up for that so we ventured over to our little forest of silver wattles to find our way down to the old bridge over the creek. Aaron and I were absolutely blown away when we got there and saw how much they have grown in such a short space of time. These little guys shot up almost right before our eyes last year, and it doesn’t seem like long ago that we were marvelling at the fact that some of them were as tall as Aaron. Well, now they’re about twice or three times that size and really do resemble a forest, except they’re all about 10cm apart and you have to push and duck your way through the branches to get through. I’ll post a photo once I get them up, it’s just incredible.

Somehow we made it down to the creek (after navigating through the silver wattles and climbing over and around fallen branches and shrub), tentatively crossed the creek on the narrow metal bar that is really all that’s left of bridge, and resumed much more bush bashing before getting up onto some clearer land. We just could not believe the amount of growth since we had been there last – it is now close to impossible to maneuver through and we only did it because we didn’t want to go back the way we just came.

We found the spot where Aaron and Paul once camped (and where Aaron and myself had a picnic with his lovely dog Barney back before the fires) surprisingly easily. The dead log that always ran across the ground near that area was still there, but instead of being completely bare as it used to be, it was completely covered by new growth shooting up from the ground beneath it. You could hardly even see the log, it was incredible. Another amazing example of the regrowth in the last few months because the last time we were there, none of that existed.

Heading back to the tent and BBQ area I was a little skeptical about how we were going to make it back across. We knew we didn’t want to go back the way we came so instead we found an area of bush to jump down into that ran back to the creek, where there was a log that we could easily cross. In hindsight it may have been better to go back the way we came after all! It was absolutely the thickest section we’d come across so far and I really had no idea how we were going to make it through to the creek. The trees were twice our height and only centimeters apart, and there were wombat holes all over the place that we had to make sure we didn’t fall in. Anyway, we did make it, but not without numerous cuts and scratches on our legs and a growing fear of snakes. It was almost a relief to get back to the campsite (but secretly I really enjoyed the whole experience :P)

It was an interesting little wander nonetheless!

Anyway, I’m fairly stuffed. We’re at Aaron’s mum’s place down the road right now, but I won’t be surprised if I’m asleep in the tent within the next hour (despite it being 6pm and bright as day).


Okay, so it’s been approximately 50 million years 2 weeks since I last wrote. It feels like ages, I guess a fair bit has happened since then. Nothing life-changing, but it’s just been totally busy. And when I’ve had some time to myself, I haven’t really felt like writing. I’m just so tired, all the time, and it takes so much effort to write a coherent post (not that I’m an expert at doing thatΒ anyway!!)


Went for a kick-ass walk this afternoon, made me feel much better than I had been before I left. I walked for an hour and 40 minutes, and had MuggleCast to keep me company along the way. Still way backdated with episodes which is awesome because I can listen to a few at a time. Honestly, and I know it sounds silly, but they’re keeping me sane at the moment. They provide conversation to take my mind off things and they make me laugh. Which is what I need right now. πŸ™‚


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