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Okay, I’ll admit it, although you’ll think I’m crazy, most likely.

I really, truly, with a fiery, fiery passion, hate going out.

And when I say “going out” I am referring to the sort of goings that people attend to on a Saturday night, in the city, with loud and terrible music, crowded bars, shady lighting, sleazy guys – I can’t stand it. And sometimes I think I must just not be understanding something correctly,  because basically everyone my age that I have ever known in my life makes out as if it’s a weekly experience that just cannot be lived without.



I'm Monica - a 21 year old Aussie girl trying to understand life. Teaching music and studying to be a primary school teacher. Blogging about everything and nothing!


  • Maybe I’ll use this again. 7 months ago
  • "I don't want to go back to class and watch the movie. I want to stay here with you and play flute all day." My students make me happy 😊🎶💕 1 year ago
  • I am finally watching Game of Thrones. And I am belatedly furious about the fate of Ned Stark. WHY. WHY WHY WHY. 2 years ago

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