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I don’t really have anything in particular on my mind to write about tonight, I just felt like bashing away at the keyboard for a bit. Plus it means that I’m writing more regularly which is a habit I’m trying hard to get into (because I know it’s good for me). But you’ve heard this already, probably a few times πŸ™‚

What I can write about is my dear love for Keith Jarrett right now. Aaron bought me a DVD of the KJ Trio playing standards in Tokyo in ’85 and ’86, and because we’re slack and lame and also forgetful, we haven’t gotten around to watching it until tonight. It’s playing as we speak and while I’m not paying attention to every note, I’m loving the sounds I’m hearing. The trio is so tight, so tuned to each other, and so everything they play sounds just fantastic. Keith Jarrett is amazing – I knew this ever since I came across his Radiance recordings, hidden among the gigs worth of music Aaron gave me back in 2007. Radiance VIII came to be a piece that meant a lot to the both of us – in fact every time I hear it play it brings back swarms of memories from the beginning of our relationship. Admittedly I don’t have much of Keith Jarrett’s recordings, but from what I’ve heard (and what I’m hearing right now… yes, this very piece! I love it! I will have to find the CD of this concert, it’s amazing) you can count me in as a fan. Although I have to say watching Keith Jarrett play is simply hilarious. In the most intensive parts of his solos (and sometimes it doesn’t even have to be that intense) he sort of half-stands, hovering over his piano stool, twisting himself at all angles and making all sorts of strange facial expressions. And he sings while playing sometimes, this strange nasal sort of emanation. While I feel like it’s a little bit over-exaggerated, I think it’s pretty fantastic that he can really get into the music as much as he does, especially when all they’re doing is playing standards. (When I say that, really what they’re playing is so incredibly musical, creative and unique that it can hardly be counted as just “standards”).

Anyway, that’s my Keith Jarrett rant for tonight. I love him πŸ™‚

I haven’t been feeling well today which has put a bit of a downer of the day. When I started taking the antibiotics on Wednesday I was feeling 80% better by the next day and I was hoping that would continue through until I was all better, but alas it was not meant to be. Probably the late night last night didn’t help (my definition of “late night” is basically any time past midnight, because I wake up feeling like this… so there you go). We went to an engagement party for a friend of Aaron’s – it was just a three-hour afternoon party but we got there late and left there early because I just needed to get back into bed, so we ended up only being there for an hour. I felt bad about it but Aaron didn’t mind taking me home. He’s wonderful πŸ™‚ And so the whole day I haven’t gotten a single thing done – not practice, homework or study – which I am feeling guilty about, but hopefully I can be feeling a million times better tomorrow and have a really productive day πŸ™‚ Theory exam & American music listening test is on Monday so I do need to get something done at least!

Keith Jarrett is playing God Bless the Child now! It’s awesome!

That reminds me of the awesome rehearsal our ensemble had on Thursday. Mags was away somewhere so we had Sam Keevers for it instead (freakin’ awesome guy too!). We ran through the three pieces we’re playing for Bennett’s Lane – God Bless the Child, Charade and the Saga of Harrison Crabfeathers – and for the most part it just worked, and we all played well together. It was such a refreshment from the week before, when we were all feeling a bit flat and the music reflected that. We were all feeling good after it and hung around for a bit after, eating cake that Rachael so kindly brought for us. It sounds a bit silly to get so excited about one rehearsal but for me at least, it felt good. πŸ™‚

Well I think that satisfies my keyboard-bashing needs for the time being so I’m going to continue watching and loving this DVD!


As this page was loading I was trying to think of the reason why I don’t write here a lot. I really couldn’t come up with anything until I realized – right now, I am alone. There are things going on in the house around me but I’m in this room alone. And I look at all my other posts and not one of them has been made when there are people in close proximity. I feel embarrassed about what I’m writing, which is extremely silly, but I do. I hate writing while people are looking over my shoulder, especially cos I write, then I edit, then I edit, then I edit, until I’ve got something half decent.

Anyway, in terms of writing more often, it probably won’t happen. I don’t get a lot of time to myself anymore (which is fine with me – I’d rather my time off coincides with Aaron’s cos I don’t see him during the day usually) and it seems as though that’s what I need to write freely.

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So it’s been totally busy, it feels like, for a little while. More busy than I’m used to, anyway. I’m really kind of hanging out for the end of this week because then a whole lot of stuff will be done and over. Recording for our primary school kids on Tuesday. Last proper lesson with them on Wednesday. Monash audition and Life Goes On gig on Thursday. And I could be wrong but I thought there was something happening on Friday too – I can’t even keep up!

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Okay, so it’s been approximately 50 million years 2 weeks since I last wrote. It feels like ages, I guess a fair bit has happened since then. Nothing life-changing, but it’s just been totally busy. And when I’ve had some time to myself, I haven’t really felt like writing. I’m just so tired, all the time, and it takes so much effort to write a coherent post (not that I’m an expert at doing thatΒ anyway!!)


Went for a kick-ass walk this afternoon, made me feel much better than I had been before I left. I walked for an hour and 40 minutes, and had MuggleCast to keep me company along the way. Still way backdated with episodes which is awesome because I can listen to a few at a time. Honestly, and I know it sounds silly, but they’re keeping me sane at the moment. They provide conversation to take my mind off things and they make me laugh. Which is what I need right now. πŸ™‚


I am feeling just so, so lame.

Aaron and I didn’t sleep last night. And I mean that almost literally, we got about three hours sleep the entire night, and that was at around 4am. I think a contributing factor is that we had a sleep for like an hour at 6pm (we were just so, so tired after our 7:30am start at school) but we also had a heap on our minds. It was stressing us out for a few hours, until we finally decided bugger it, we’ll just stay up until we feel like sleeping and we can organize our teaching accordingly the next day. We watched Seinfeld for a few hours and talked and cuddled, it ended up being pretty nice surprisingly. But I woke up at 7:30 with the worst sore throat and just feeling really drained, really sore eyes.


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