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My arms ache. My legs can hardly support themselves. My abs are burning. My whole body is cursing me.

But I feel amazing!

This morning, despite the sky threatening to pour on me (it didn’t, thankfully!!), I put on my runners, grabbed my iPhone and my hand weights and pushed myself up the driveway. It was the first time walking with my new hand weights from Aaron for Christmas, and it was sooo much hard than what I was expecting. My thoughts were, okay, kill two birds with one stone – I’m getting my cardio in as well as toning my arms – but it worked out my entire body. I had to walk much slower than I usually would because my heart rate was way up, and I actually felt like I had weights on my legs too, because they were burning way more than usual. I only went once up and back – I figure I need to regain some stamina to start going twice, and also my stomach cramps were starting to kick in – but when I got back I was feeling so good that I decided to get in some ab workouts! Once again, Cassey Ho of Blogilates comes to the rescue with an amazing Intense Ab Workout. She’s not wrong when she calls it intense! Once again, I couldn’t quite manage every single move, but the fact that I made it to the end of the 10 minutes without dying is enough for me πŸ™‚ By the end, despite the fact that my every molecule was screaming, I felt so good for having actually done it.

I have to remember this for the days that I feel unmotivated and lethargic. Like yesterday – I had the whole day at home, with nothing on the agenda, and I didn’t write or exercise, and I literally had to force myself to do the dishes in the kitchen, only because we didn’t have a single plate or bowl left in the cupboard. And I didn’t feel any better for being lazy, either.

Not only does my body feel great after having done this exercise, I’m much more motivated to get stuff done (like write this blog post!!). We’re going to my parent’s place tonight for dinner and another 24 marathon, and then we’re going out for dinner with Clare tomorrow, so we won’t actually be home until tomorrow night. So I’m going to make sure we’ve got everything we need for staying overnight (it feels so weird to actually have to pack stuff to stay at my family’s home!!), we need to get washing and water containers organised to take there, I might do some dishes so the kitchen is clean for when we get home, and I might even just tidy up a little bit around the place. Funny that this motivation might have come in handy yesterday when I had the whole day here! πŸ˜‰


But it was soooo worth it.

Earlier today I fooled myself into thinking that I would actually survive a 30 minute Pilates workout not geared for beginners (like the POP Pilates for Beginners Total Body Workout – which I love by the way). I clicked past the 7, 10, 15 minute workouts – yep, I was definitely ready for 30 minutes, bring it on! I thought.

I completed part 1 and part 2 of the POP Pilates Summer Slimdown. But only just. And with numerous modifications. And some cursing. And a lot of almost-giving-up. BUT I DID IT, I ACTUALLY GOT TO THE END. The relief, exhilaration and sheer exhaustion that followed was enough emotion to deal with, but as soon as I attempted to pull myself up off the floor, my muscles were screaming at me as well. Even now, more than 8 hours later, I can hardly lift my arms, my legs are a wobbly mess and don’t even get me started on how my abs feel.

Despite all the pain, I feel amazing mentally, and the soreness is just a reminder of how hard I worked. To me, it’s enough that I actually made it through having done most of the moves – now I can’t wait for the day when I can make it through the whole thing, no modifications, no “little breaks”.. and maybe with the same enthusiasm as the trainer Cassey (that might take a little longer though..!!!)

I am really on board with this pilates stuff. My aim is to eventually do some form of pilates every morning before breakfast with some cardio in the afternoon – at the moment my goal is every two days, with a walk on the off day. As lazy as I’m being so far this summer (cricket, internet and playstation are pretty much my only endeavours at the moment.. yeah, lazy) I think I can make this happen before I go back to work/uni. I’m doing alright at Day 4, anyway πŸ˜‰

So apart from ripping my muscles apart with the pilates today, I haven’t done a lot – I watched Michael Clarke get his 300 and Hussey get his 150 in the cricket (we’re a day behind, watching it on foxtel with no ads, woohoo!), I did an hour of homework and I purposely avoided washing the huge stack of dishes in the kitchen. We had amazing hamburgers for dinner and we’ve put on Lord of the Rings, which we’re watching in stages cos neither of us have the attention span to last the whole 50 3 hours of the movie. Aaron’s been racing on Gran Turismo but actually I think it’s about time we got back to the movie otherwise we’ll be up all night watching it πŸ™‚ Until tomorrow!

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