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And that’s all there is to it! It’s nice to be feeling just really great. It’s not even 10am yet and already there have been a number of things that have put a smile on my face:
– Waking up naturally at 6:15am and feeling ready to get up
– But not actually having to get up and instead snuggling with Aaron for the next 30 minutes
– Completing the Wii Fit Body Test to have it tell me I’ve lost 0.5kg since yesterday
– Getting up early enough that Aaron and I could chill out in our room for half an hour before he had to go to work.
– Knowing that even after three years I still miss him like crazy every time he does go to work…
– But also feeling excited to accomplish a whole lot during the day I’ve got on my own
– Writing a postcard for (to Taiwan, incidentally) and getting excited about the number of postcards I’ve already received from all over the world (seriously, this website is awesome)
– Deciding not to walk to the closest postbox to our house but instead take a longer route to a further postbox to send the postcard.
– Walking with my puppy with awesome Morning music on, on a beautiful day, knowing that holidays are here and summer is just around the corner.
– Getting home and feeling really inspired to write this post!!

I’m up in our room with Aaron’s Morning/Overcast/Uplifting playlist on and there’s a breeze coming in and I feel really inspired to get things done today. It’s days like these that remind that: a) although things aren’t perfect in my life, there is still something to be positive about, b) its usually the smallest things that make the difference b) music does absolute wonders for mood and should always be playing whenever there’s a chance and c) I’m actually really lucky.

It’s not like I haven’t felt sad this morning. Sitting and watching Aaron’s screensaver showing pictures of Henk, of Barney, of Danny and of Strathewen before the fires have been the cause of a few heart-wrenching moments as it really hits me what’s happened in our lives, but the fact that I’ve been able to deal with and accept those moments of aching and still know that I’m lucky for all the good in my life is a huge step forward for me today. How lucky I am that I can get through these feelings like I have!

I’m going to be good and go and get some things done now, keep the momentum up and the positive atmosphere fresh. Here’s to a good day!


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