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Every now and then I go to write a new post and never really get all the way through it. Probably because I try and say too much and it just gets too lengthy and I can never be bothered finishing it. But I want to get something out this time so I’ll try and be succinct.

Okay – uni. It’s gone well this semester, more or less. I’ve practiced more (altho the last few weeks have been shameful) and I’ve been healthier (again excepting the last few weeks). It’s coming back up to crunch time though, with essays due and exams just around the corner. I’ve just begun my week’s holiday in which I really have to get myself organized and writing and apart from a bit of a stress attack earlier today about the amount of stuff I actually have to get done in a very short amount of time, I’m feeling okay about it I guess. I don’t think I’ll go as well on exams this semester, but I have to keep telling myself it just doesn’t matter. I am not doing this course for the marks, I’m doing it for myself, and if it’s going to be the cause of stress it’s not worth doing (really).

That brings me to my next point, Strathewen. There is so much going on with that place that I really list that as one of the reasons I’ve been slack with uni stuff. Aaron did some research and found a place in Sydney that builds log homes to Australian bushfire attack standards which means more than likely we’re going to be able to build one on the property. There is nothing that excites me more than the notion of having one of these places in the middle of our 100 acres of bush. Aaron has been busy designing and refining house plans and I have tried to help as much as I can without completely ignoring my uni degree. Now that we’re starting to talk to people about building this thing it’s feeling more real and I think I’ll be able to deal with living in this suburban home for a little while longer (although it still drives me crazy sometimes). We just need to be able to get a decent loan and I think, whether or not we can get it, I’ll do my course part time next year and pick up some more work (hopefully). I know that means that I’ll be at uni for another four years instead of two, but I’m not sure I care too much about that. I want to be much more involved in this building process and if our plans need to be in by May next year to avoid the new CFA building regulations, we could potentially have a house by Christmas next year (pause to attempt to contain my gleeful squealing). Our house design is beautiful and if we can afford it, I will love it to bits. It’s small(ish) but we are going to be so happy in our own little home and that’s the main thing right now.

We’ve been staying in Strathewen in our tent since I’ve been on holidays and it’s been great. We’re back at home tonight but will be going out there first thing tomorrow morning. We’ve got it so set up that we can basically live there, save for power, hot water, things like that, and I love that we can do things exactly the way that we want to do it. We cook for ourselves, we do our own cleaning, we gather and cut firewood, we go to bed when it gets dark. Our driveway is not drivable at the moment so we carry our groceries and essentials 1km down from the car and walk back up again when we need to go out. It’s a simple lifestyle, only hindered by the fact that I need to write these essays and can only use my laptop for a few hours before needing to charge it again, but I love it.

I know I’ve said this before but oh if only it was this easy to churn out 700 words for my essays! I am currently at 501 words on my gamelan essay though, all written this afternoon, so I guess that’s a good effort. But it takes sooo much longer!

Well it’s late and we’re waking up early to head back home (I love calling it home, it’s exactly what Strathewen feels like to me right now) so I should get some sleep. I’ve been so buggered during the day that I’ve had to sleep and then I’m not so tired at night! Will see how I go tomorrow. This has been good therapy so I hope to write again soon! πŸ™‚


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