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Goals, Or Whatever

Posted on: June 18, 2010

Good morning!

“The unthinkable has happened. Some sick, twisted individual has stolen every Teacher’s Edition in this school.”
“What do we do?!”
“Declare a snow day!!”
“Does anyone know the multiplication table?!”

Ahahahahahahahaha oh gosh I love the Simpsons! I’ve really been watching too much of it lately but its keeping me cheerful. Yesterday I paced out my little list of things to do and while I did a lot of relaxing, I still got more things done than the day before, namely:
– All our washing
– A bit of practicing (and for once, practice that didn’t involve anything to do with the tech exam… aww it feels great!) It wasn’t enough practice but I’m trying to work my way back into it. I’ve been sick and I’ve been busy and I’ve been sad, so the practice hasn’t really happened as much as I would have liked it too. So instead of jumping in right away with hours of practice a day and burning myself out, I’ll just dip my toe in the deep end and work from there. At least, I guess that justifies it all.
– Cleaning our room. I didn’t finish all of it but it’s looking much better!

I guess that’s it. I didn’t exercise, which is lame of me, but I plan to do that today. Every day a bit more, just so I don’t risk feeling like I did on Wednesday.

I also played, like, a lot of Pokemon Yellow yesterday. Haha I feel like I’m 10 years old again! It’s amazing actually. It’s keeping me entertained and its something I know I won’t be able to do once I get back to uni so I’m taking advantage of it now. I love holidays.

So now that I’ve done one semester of uni and therefore having completed 1/6th of my degree (that’s a little scary actually), here is what I would like to achieve/do better next semester:
More practice. I’m starting to see the balance between the academic work and the practical work, and I need to work on perfecting it. While I know less study will probably mean worse marks in theory and history etc (and I know I didn’t go as well on all the exams as I would have liked to this semester with the work that I did do), in the end I’m doing a music course. The way I see it is, this degree is purely for my own enjoyment. I am already a music teacher and don’t need a Bachelor of Music to further my career – it will only help it along I guess. Therefore, as long as I pass every academic subject, the marks really don’t matter. I just want to be as good on my clarinet as I possibly can be, to really get something out of this course and to enjoy my playing. Although the attitude of needing to get the best marks possible is a hard one to change (especially for me), I’ve kinda just gotta roll with it.
Use my time better. It’s tempting to sit in the courtyard for hours and talk, especially when the whole making friends bit is really important, but I need to make sure I’m booking those practice rooms and getting those readings/listenings done while I’m at uni. More work done at uni, less work I have to do at home, especially (once again) the academic stuff.
Get on top of assignments early. Yeah, I know. Everyone says it, right? But I reckon a lot of my sickness last semester came down to stress leading up to due assignments and I don’t need that again. Plus Aaron and I may be going away for a couple of weeks around the semester break period and I know a lot of essays and assignments are due not long after that, so if I can really get on top of things before then, there’ll be no stress while we’re away. As I said, I know it’s a long shot, but I’ll be really happy with myself if I can achieve that.
Rework my practice routine a little bit. I need to include more things that I am currently working on, such as more ear training, transcribing, composing, and playing repertoire, as well as a few different general exercises. A lot of my practice is going into the “other” section of my diary and very little of the rest of my practice is getting ticked off. I don’t mind putting exercises away for a little while and bringing them back in once I need them, perhaps after I’ve finished uni, or during the holidays.
Eat better. I tried this at the beginning of the year and it was hard, mostly because I hate having bread all the time so making sandwiches doesn’t really work for me. One of the things I would like to research these holidays is some cheap and healthy alternatives for lunch, ones that I’m not going to get sick of, that are easy and quick to make, and won’t break the budget. It’s a bit ambitious but I’m sure there are things out there!
Record everything. We bought a beautiful Zoom H4n Recorder using some of my birthday/tax refund money, and I want to take advantage of it. Rehearsals, performances, my own practice – I want to record all of it & just have it for reference and for evaluation. It’s going to be amazing.
– Also, I guess there’s a few things I could write about organisation, but I won’t be nitpicky considering I’m one of the most organised people in the course.

There’s plenty of other things I know I could improve but that’s the main chunk of it. I also don’t want to be too ambitious too quickly. As I said earlier, just a bit at a time. (Or “baby steps” as Aaron and I used to say to each other :D)

Well this morning, Aaron is going to finish writing his reports, and then we’re going to set up our new, new tent (after the other new one was found to have holes in the wall of the sleeping room and big dents in the poles.. eek! Very easy to return though and everyone has assured us it’s really not characteristic of the Black Wolf tents at all.. in fact, everyone has given raving reviews about it) and basically bask in the glory of the beautiful thing, and then I’ll probably get some more practice done, hang up our washing, finish cleaning the room, and DO SOME EXERCISE TODAY (I promise I will! There, now I have to do it.. it’s all out on the internet!) And maybe also relax and do some reading and some Pokemoning… ahahaha 🙂


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