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Birthday Post!

Posted on: June 4, 2010

Today is my birthday!

I know it’s a bit childish but I still get super-excited about it, more because it’s a reason to go out and have a great day, and then come home and have a great night with family than anything else. So far it’s just been really great. I’ve got tons of facebook messages from people (more than probably ever, it’s made me smile just a bit haha) and have already got some really awesome presents from Aaron. Keeping in mind that the majority of my present was the Nintendo Wii that we bought a few weeks ago, I got from him:
– a little bottlebrush plant to live in Strathewen. I love it. His name is Charlie.
– an extendable metal pole thing that you wind your digital camera on to so you can take photos of yourself from a distance of up to one meter. What a great idea! Whenever we’re anywhere and we take a photo of ourselves, we only ever just get our faces in and our surroundings kind of go unnoticed – this way at least we get a bit of background in and you see more than just a closeup of our faces. We tried it out today at Healesville Sanctuary (more on that in a sec) & it works really well
– a $50 gift voucher for Rivers nursery home &gift shop. Months ago we went there and I found these beautiful metal drink bottles and was pining over them for weeks afterwards. Aaron didn’t know which design to get me cos the one I’d picked out ages ago wasn’t there, so he bought me a gift voucher instead. šŸ˜€

So after surprising me with those presents, he made me pancakes and then we quickly hurried to the car to go to Healesville Sanctuary. We both haven’t been for years, and we’ve never been together, so it was quite exciting. It was cold and quiet when we got there at 9:30am, so we just loved walking around in the native Australian bush looking at all the animals. Quite funny though, cos Aaron kept saying “We’ve got those in Strathewen… and those… and those…” Basically our home-to-be could be a sanctuary all in itself šŸ˜€

So we saw plenty of animals and a few of the meet the keeper displays, had a well-deserved lunch in the heated restaurant, then came home in time for Aaron to head off to work (he’s conducting Jazz Band this afternoon.. I wish he didn’t have to work on my birthday but it’s all money and we need it right now… plus I’m lucky that he didn’t have to work any sooner today!!) So I’m hanging out at home, getting bits of practice done and just relaxing. What an awesome day šŸ˜€

I’ve been thinking of Henk a lot today, cos I know on a day like today we definitely would have been spending time with him. I feel like time has warped a little bit in the last year… it seems strange that this time last year I was celebrating my 19th birthday and we had dinner with him & Denese & my family at Lygon St. I can’t really figure out whether I feel like it’s been longer or shorter than a year since he died, it just feels strange. So I’m missing him a lot but it hasn’t spoiled my mood because I almost feel like he’s around still. I’ve been thinking a lot and would like to write something for him soon – I feel like I have a lot to say to him and writing it down is probably the best way to do it – but that can wait for a more appropriate time.

There’s plenty more to talk about but I’m going to go and do some more practice before I get too lazy. Tonight we’re having a family dinner, and Denese, Peter and Clare are coming round too. Plus Chelsea’s new boyfriend (as of Wednesday night haha… best story there but I won’t go into it) who I invited as well, hahaha. I can’t wait to spend time with everyone, it’s going to be great.

So apart from the fact that I’m 20 now (…:(…) and no longer a teenager, I have had a pretty amazing day & can’t wait for tonight.


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