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Treading on Eggshells

Posted on: May 16, 2010

I think I’m starting to get too used to having the house to just Aaron & myself on the weekend. Only a couple of weeks ago, the entire family was away in Ballarat for a wedding, and this week the brother has been in Adelaide for Generations in Jazz and Mum, Dad and the sister went to Echuca for her netball tournament. And during the easter holidays we were house/dog sitting at Aaron’s mum’s place for an entire week, just the two of us. I simply cannot express how wonderful it is when we can both just do our own thing without having to avoid treading on people’s toes or being told to clean up or take out the garbage or wash up or hang out clothes or anything else. Yes, these things still need to be done but when we’re on our own, we can do them in our own time, without having to be nagged. The mess we clean up is our mess and noone elses, and the dishes we wash are our dishes and we can use as many or as little as we like. And if we want to leave the pizza boxes and empty glasses all over the coffee table and wait till the next morning to clean it all up, we bloody well will!

It makes me truly realize how much we need to move out. I love my family, and I love Aaron’s family, we both do, but we need to be doing things our way. We are much too old to be living with teenagers or with adults who treat us like naughty children who need reminding all the time to “turn off the heater!” “put your dishes in the dishwasher!” “make sure all this stuff gets cleaned up before you leave!” I can understand, it’s their house & we need to be living by their rules, which is all the more reason to be out and in our own place. The problem is, because we want our beautiful house in Strathewen, we can’t move out until the property is ready, the loan is organized, the plans are drawn and the house is built. We’re looking at a span of a few years at least, so I probably will be finished uni by the time we get to move in.

There are plenty of benefits to living at home, especially while I’m studying – we get a free meal every night, we get our water, gas, electricity etc paid for, and many responsibilities that we would otherwise have to deal with are taken care of – but it’s hard feeling like we’re trapped here in someone else’s place for the next couple of years.

This post sounds a little down in the dumps, which is ironic because I’m actually feeling alright today – I guess it just reflects what I’ve been thinking for a while now. It’s can be a suffocating feeling, but we’ll be okay. We’ve got great lives and we have each other, and right now that’s all that matters to me.


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