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Busy, Busy, Busy

Posted on: November 29, 2009

So it’s been totally busy, it feels like, for a little while. More busy than I’m used to, anyway. I’m really kind of hanging out for the end of this week because then a whole lot of stuff will be done and over. Recording for our primary school kids on Tuesday. Last proper lesson with them on Wednesday. Monash audition and Life Goes On gig on Thursday. And I could be wrong but I thought there was something happening on Friday too – I can’t even keep up!

I’ve still got a few things to do, like Christmas shopping and scanning in a whole lot of photos before we head to Tassie, but once work starts to slow down I’ll have plenty of time for all that. And hopefully plenty of time for more exercise too πŸ™‚ The week before last was fantastic because of our 3 days in the city – we did so much walking – but last week kind of sucked. I was just so tired and crampy all the time.

Speaking of the city – wow, what a great time Aaron and I had πŸ™‚ We spent the first night in Crown Towers which was the package we actually paid for. Totally fancy and soooo relaxing. We had dinner at an expensive French restaurant and a buffet breakfast at the hotel kitchen. We spent the rest of the next day shopping and walking around, and then spent the night at the Grand Hyatt, which was our raffle prize that we were given at the mid-year concert this year. That was more old-school but still just lovely. We had dinner and breakfast there, the food was fantastic. It was just so nice to get away and have our own space for a few days, it’s been long overdue.

I have been feeling more and more cramped in this house which is a bit silly because it’s a big two-storey home. It’s more that I my emotions can go haywire sometimes and I get frustrated at the smallest of things. It’s hard when there’s two young teenagers living in the house and they just don’t seem to understand most of the time. The only place we can really retreat to is our room, which is nice, but it’s just not big enough. We want to be in our own place, where we can make our own rules, do our own housework, buy our own food, but we can’t justify blowing all our money on rent when we can live here for a few years and then move into our own home in Strathewen. I’d rather save money to be able to buy things to put in our new house, or to contribute to having the place just a little bigger or more comfortable. But it can be difficult to see it that way sometimes.

That being said, Aaron’s sister is moving to Tasmania for a little while and his mum will be living on her own, so we might see if we can get the spare room cleaned up and put a bed in there. It’s a much smaller place but I feel like we’ll have more space if it’s just the three of us living there. I hope it’s something we end up doing soon, because the freedom will be a nice change.

Onto more positive things, we picked Dad up from the airport early this morning. He’s been in Tassie for two weeks hiking and white water rafting. I’ve missed him and to be honest I was totally paranoid that something might have happened to him (after this year I almost expected it … that’s not exactly a positive outlook is it?). So it’s really, really nice to have him home safe. I think we’re going to break out the 24 dvds this afternoon, I’m totally excited about that πŸ™‚

We also bought a new TV! It’s something we’ve been wanting for a little while, cos the TV in our room previous to this one was something like 27 years old and starting to pack up. We were out shopping the other day and sidled over to the TV section in JB-HiFi to have a browse, then after having a bit of a discussion went to Dick Smith. Looking at the price of a 32″ Sanyo we suddenly became a little more serious about getting it. In the end we decided that we would go halves, except that I was going to pay for most of Aaron’s half as his Christmas present. Certainly takes the pressure off me for gifts for him – now I only have to worry about his birthday next month! So anyway, it’s set up in our room now and it looks gorgeous. It’s a TV that will migrate with us when we move to Strathewen, so it’s definitely big enough to go into a lounge room or whatever. Seinfeld looks a whole lot bigger and better on this screen πŸ™‚

We had our final rehearsal yesterday for the Monash audition and the Life Goes On fundraiser. It was going to be interesting because our original bass player had to pull out and we had called a guy on the recommendation of our pianist. Well, he turned out to be great – a really nice guy who just suited the group dynamic. It felt really comfortable having him in my house and he wasn’t at all intimidating, so that was pleasing. We had a play with him for an hour or so, getting the audition pieces up and running, and then Laura came over with her Tenor Sax. I’d only heard her play on recordings of Aaron’s pieces so it was nice to have a play with her, she’s fantastic. We just ran through a few standards that we’ll perform for the fundraiser. Throughout the rehearsal I became very aware of the fact that I was the only one there who hadn’t been through a uni course yet, so obviously they were all much better than me, but it kind of didn’t matter. I was feeling pretty comfortable playing with them – that’s a big thing for me! So that was a success and a fun morning πŸ™‚

Long update once again and I’m not even going to bother editing. I can put up with my own rambling! Having a relaxing morning now and will hopefully get onto some photo scanning this afternoon. And 24. Lots of 24. πŸ™‚


2 Responses to "Busy, Busy, Busy"

Sounds like everyone had a great time!!

At the rehearsal? Yes we did – at least, I know I did πŸ™‚

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